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Permission granted!

April 13, 2012

As part of the conservation work at the mill, we’re also looking at improving access into the mill itself.  At the end of last year, we submitted a planning application for a ramp into the mill to Cheshire East Council, which was approved last month…

As with all old buildings, it’s hard to avoid uneven surfaces, wonky floors and steps, and Nether Alderley Mill is definitely full of all these things!  But we do try our best, here at the National Trust, to make these places accessible to as many people as possible.  This might mean anything from making information available in different formats or on the internet, to improving physical access to buildings wherever possible and in keeping with the central spirit of the place.

We’re looking at lots of different ways of improving access to Nether Alderley Mill, both physically and intellectually, especially as the mill is arranged over many different floors.  In terms of physical access, we’re taking the opportunity while we’re looking at the roof, to rethink how people can get into the mill.  In keeping with the advice of our architects, curators and other specialists, we submitted a planning application to put in an access ramp that is sensitive to the appearance and historic fabric of the mill, which was approved last month.

Want to see the plans?  You can find the approved application on the Cheshire East Council website here.

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