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Do you know this man?

April 23, 2012

Taking the roof off and letting the daylight in can be very illuminating!  

Graffiti can be a pretty controversial issue, but one thing can be said for it – it provides a really evocative and physically ‘touchable’ connection with real people in the past.  We have loads of it at Nether Alderley Mill, dating from the first half of the 18th century and beyond, and they mostly consist of the author’s initials, sometimes even accompanied with a date.

With the removal of the roof, however, we’ve been able to see some other, more recent graffiti dating from the 1950s and 60s and written at a time when the mill was not yet looked after by the National Trust.  Because they’ve been written in relatively faint pencil, have been invisible to us until now.

My personal favourite?  A Mr Robert Taylor left the following note in 1960, just in case any young ladies might be interested:

'Tall, Dark and Hansome' - graffito on one of the beams inside the mill. © National Trust

Do you happen to know a Robert Taylor who lived at 32 Hawthorn St. in Wilmslow, was aged 17 and  ‘tall, dark and hansome’ in 1960?  If you do, let us know – we’d love to meet him and find out if his unique personal ad ever paid off!

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